What coaching from a consultancy insider looks like

At the Inside coach we try to help everyone by publishing insider tips (e.g., on what consulting cvs look like) and interviewing consultants from different firms.


However, if you want to get personalized coaching from a consultancy insider, make sure you apply for the Endorsement Program.


How we coach you if you are accepted to the endorsement program:

  • We help you put together an optimal application, where the cv and cover letter together convince recruiters that you should be accepted for an interview


  • Say you have one or two years until you graduate and you want to determine how you can learn the most in the time remaining and optimize your chances of starting your career as a strategy consultant. We help you navigate the different options (e.g., academic exchange, commissions, internships, consulting experience with de Kleine Consultant)


  • If you apply through us for a job interview at one of our partners, we train you for the case interview and the personal experience interview



Example – Feedback on the cv and suggestions how to improve

A student was applying to MBB (McKinsey-BCG-Bain). He had done so much during his studies, that it was difficult to all put on 2 pages. We helped him decide which of his experiences communicated most talent and credibility, and which elements he could leave out or explain more concisely. We gave him suggestions on how to display it visually. The result was a clear resume that he used to get interviews at all firms.



Example – Another degree of internships

A student was 6 months before getting a master degree in a non technical field. She had a good cv with good high school grades, a lot of commissions at student organizations but her field of study was not very quantitative and she lacked experience abroad. She was very convinced that she wanted to become a consultant, but she was told by the recruiter that with her current cv she would not be invited for an interview.

She asked us what she should do, with her hypothesis being that she should try to get an M&A internship with a big name firm and convince the recruiter this way.

We turned to our analysis about consulting cvs in the Netherlands. Based on our analysis, we recommended her to spend 1 year getting another master’s degree, preferably abroad (our analysis indicates that getting another degree increases your changes of getting hired as a consultant, even though it might take you longer to graduate). The student followed our advice, and even though we don’t know yet whether she’ll get an interview, she’s having a great time at the moment.


Example – Case interview training

Read more about our case interview training


How to get inside coaching

Please send your cv including your high school grades to peter@theinsidecoach.nl or read more about our Endorsement Program