Here we explain how to use the Inside coach to meet other people to practice cases with


If you are already a member and feeling bold, you can skip this section and go to the practice case group directly


Find people to practice with



Otherwise, we recommend you to follow these 3 steps:


1. Become a member of our platform

However you do need a personal invitation from an existing member to become a member


Sign up now


2. Become a member of the practice-case-interview group 


Find people to practice with


3. Use the group to connect with other candidates

Introduce yourself or connect to others who have already introduced themselves to the group. Or both. See below for details



a. Introduce yourself with a post in the group

Introduce yourself to the group with a small post, introducing yourself and stating what you are looking for like Frank in the example below. Typically people respond, and either through the comments or with private messages you can connect with them and set up a practice session. 


practice cases



b. Connect to people who have introduced themselves to the group

In addition, you can try to connect to people who have introduced themselves to the group. Like Peter in the example above.




Moreover, you are free to create and organize your own groups. For example, if you want to practice cases face to face you can create a group to practice cases in your own city and see if there’s any interest.