Consultancy exit opportunities and considerations

There are very few people who stay consultants forever. Be it for more comfortable working conditions, a specific interest in a different field of work or forced, when you are considering consultancy exits you might find that the possibilities are almost endless.


Looking for exit opportunities?


Common consultancy exits

Because former strategy consultants are so wanted, it is almost impossible to speak of consultancy exit stereotypes. However, we find it useful to distinguish in 4 types of consultancy exits:

  • Corporates: A vast group of former consultants join large established companies, frequently in a strategy function
  • Investments: Many consultants leave consultancy for private equity or fund management
  • Startups: Frequently consultants exit to pursue their entrepreneurial spirit, and either start or join existing startups
  • Social sector: Social enterprises and not-for-profits are also popular exit sectors


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Consultancy exit considerations

Apart from the sector or type of company, the following considerations should be taken into account when you are looking for an attractive consultancy exit opportunity:

  1. Personal fit with the type of work: are you exited by the prospect of working in your new role day-in day-out?
  2. Working conditions, including working hours, required travel and salary
  3. Colleagues: Would you enjoy getting to know your future colleagues better?
  4. Growth opportunities: Looking five years ahead, will this job help you getting to wherever it is you want to go (if anywhere else)?


Consultancy exit timing

A common discussion is about the ideal timing of a consultancy exit. Should you exit post-MBA, as a project manager or should you become a partner?

This depends. We have seen fantastic exits from partners, but also heard complaints about difficulties finding a role with real P&L or line management responsibilities, and being stuck in an advisory or strategy role. The same is true for consultancy exit opportunities at the project manager level and the analyst level.


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