Consulting CV recommendations for technical students

The following consulting cv recommendations for technical students apply for students getting a technical degree in the Netherlands:

A full time commission is not a bad idea for technical students interested in consultancy careers

About 77% of the consultants with technical backgrounds did a full time commission during their student years. This is quite high, so would recommend this if you are in doubt. Of all full time commissioners, about 26% was the President or chairman, so no need to fight for this position.


You do not have to finish your studies more quickly than your peers to be a consultant

Study time is on average 7 years, which is similar to the Delft average of 7.3 years (we assume it’s similar for other technical universities and degrees). Many consultants took 8, 9 or even 10 years, but there are also plenty who took 6.


Most tech students that end up at consultants do a study related internship

About 90% of all technical students interned somewhere, and almost always the internships were study related (e.g., oil companies, engineering companies and sometimes universities). Only 25% went abroad and about 25% interned at a strategy consulting firm.


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Details about the analysis of the technical consulting CV

The analysis above is based upon the LinkedIn profiles of ~30 consultants, from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Strategy&, Roland Berger and OC&C (with the % of consultants included in the sample decreasing in that order). Most consultants began their degrees in Delft. Consultants who studied in Twente and Eindhoven were also taken into account.