About 80% of Dutch cvs consist of 2 pages.


I have rarely seen a 3 page cv that is well structured and draws attention to the most relevant experiences and achievement of the candidate.


Assume that no one will read all words on any cv and that longer cvs do not receive extra time. Than it is less like that someone will identify your key achievements and experiences on a longer cv!


Therefore I always recommend to keep it to a maximum 2 pages. Keep in mind that most professionals (such as former MBB consultants) can summarize their experiences on one page. If they can do with one page, you can do with 2.


Generally speaking, the shorter the better. If you can do with one page, even better! If you can distill your key experiences to one page, it makes it very easy for the recruiter to identify what makes you stand out. However, 80% of students in the Netherlands use 2 pages, so if you don’t get to one page: no problem.

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