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Upcoming business courses top strategy consultancy firms in the Netherlands

McKinsey Business Course @ Triodos Bank


Bain: Bain Strategy Academy 



BCG: A Taste of Strategy 2015

OC&C: Strategy Course




Other high end opportunities in- and outside consultancy


Entrepreneurship internships

Internships with Rocket Internet: help found internet start-ups in Asia

Internships with Dutch startup with former MBB consultants and investment bankers


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McKinsey, Bain, BCG, OC&C, Oliver Wyman and most other strategy consultancy firms

Internships on an almost ongoing basis. Ask the respective recruiters for more detail or read about consultancy internships



About consultancy business courses in the Netherlands

Business courses are a great way to orientate yourself on a career in consulting. Furthermore you can find out which of the many consultancy firms appeals most to you. Business courses are typically informal. It is uncommon that anything you do or say influence your chances of getting an interview or a job later, so you can relax.

There are different types of business courses:


1-2 day business courses

These are typically held in the Netherlands at the office of the consultant in question (at least partly). Typically, you work with a group on a case and there’s lots of time for questions to consultants.

Examples: Nationale Business course McKinsey, Bain Leadership days


1 week business courses

Longer business courses are typically more selective. If you get rejected for on of these, it is not impossible that you can still get an interview or a job offer later on. So don’t despair.

Typically, you work on a real challenging problem, a case. But there is also lot’s of room to learn about leadership, team dynamics, personal development and all that type of stuff.

Examples: McKinsey Alpine University, BCG World Food Programme in Rome