If you send in your CV, you want it to represent the best of you. However, creating a good consultancy CV is hard. You can only make it so good by yourself and frequently well intended advice conflicts or is not applicable.


Conclusions about consultancy CVs

As founders of the Inside Coach, a platform dedicated to consultancy, we have by now seen hundreds of consultancy CVs.  We have also seen the feedback with regards to which get invited at consultancy firms and which don’t. A couple of conclusions:

  • The overall structure of your CV should be clear and more or less standard
  • Cramming too much information on your CV will surely distract from your key achievements
  • If you want people to read the descriptions of your individual experiences, make sure you make them easy to grasp


The Consultancy CV checklist

We have used these insights to create a checklist that you can use for your consultancy CV:


consultancy CV


 We hope this helps you on your way to becoming a strategy consultant! Please email me at peter@theinsidecoach.nl if you have any questions, suggestions or requests for new articles

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